Connecting ecobee to Keen Home App

To connected your ecobee thermostat(s) and sensor(s) to your Keen Smart Vents you will need the following:

  • An ecobee account (create an account by registering your ecobee thermostats at
  • A Keen Smart Bridge
  • One ecobee Room Sensor per Keen Smart Vent


For more information about Keen Home + ecobee benefits, requirements, and setup, refer to the Keen Home website:

Keen Home + ecobee

Keen Home + ecobee Setup Guide


How do I add my ecobee thermostat to the Keen Home app?

1. In the Keen Home App go to your connected devices list and tap “Add Device”.

2. Select “Ecobee Thermostat” in the devices list.



3. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Keen Home account with your ecobee account. When linked, it will pull in all thermostats and room sensors on your ecobee account.

4. If you have multiple ecobee thermostats, choose which ones to add to Keen Home.



5. Once your ecobee is added, organize the rooms of your home into their appropriate zones in the Keen Home app.

image2017-9-27_10-49-7.png Organize_Rooms_Pt2__4_.jpg


6. Now assign your ecobee Room Sensor to a specific room. Select the sensor you want to update.



7. Select “Room” to assign the room sensor to the Keen Vent it will control.



8. From the list, select in which room the sensor is placed. 



9. When "Room successfully assigned," the ecobee room sensor is now paired to a Keen Smart Vent. 


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