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If I have an ecobee3 or ecobee3 lite, do I still need the Smart Bridge?

Yes, a Keen Home Smart Bridge is needed to integrate with your ecobee thermostats (ecobee3 and/or ecobee3 lite).


Do I need extra ecobee room sensors?

It depends on the amount of control needed to meet your comfort. You need one room sensor for every room where you have Smart Vents. Rooms that do not have sensors cannot use the Temperature Limit feature with Keen Smart Vents.


Do the Smart Vents replace my ecobee room sensors?

No, the Keen Smart Vents and ecobee room sensors work together.  Smart Vents detect HVAC duct temperature, which is used to understand HVAC state and safety. ecobee room sensors detect room temperature in relation to wherever they are mounted. 


Does the Smart Vent “call for heat or AC” to specific rooms?

No. The main difference between Keen Home's Temperature Limit and a traditional thermostat zone is Temperature Limit will not “call for heat.” It is the maximum temperature allowed for the room before your Smart Vents close to dampen airflow.


Do I use the ecobee app or the Keen Home app?

You use the Keen Home app to manage the ecobee integration.


Can it support multiple thermostats?

Yes, with the ecobee integration you can add multiple ecobee thermostats. The Keen Home App supports an additional “not connected” thermostat zone as well. 


Will this integration work with ecobee lite, Smart Si or other ecobee thermostats?

Your Keen Home Smart Vents will work with your ecobee3 and ecobee lite, but Keen Smart Home does not officially support other ecobee thermostat models.

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