Help! The local weather information isn’t showing up on my ecobee

If your ecobee isn’t displaying any weather information at all:
  • Is your thermostat registered and is all of your location information filled out in the Web Portal? If you need help registering your ecobee, refer to our registration article for assistance


  • Is your thermostat currently connected to Wi-Fi? If you need help connecting your ecobee to Wi-Fi, refer to our Wi-Fi troubleshooting article for assistance


  • Are there any special characters in your address, such as accented characters? The ecobee may have trouble recognizing your address if this is the case, so try removing the special characters, then click “Save” and see if the weather information displays


If your ecobee is displaying the weather, but the temperature/forecast is incorrect:

  • Check your location information in the Web Portal to ensure that it’s correct




If you’re still experiencing issues with incorrect weather data, it’s possible your ecobee may be
receiving weather data from the wrong station. To verify, please reach out to our Support team
for further troubleshooting.

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