How do I register my ecobee thermostat?

This article applies to all ecobee thermostats except Smart, Smart SI, EMS and EMS SI. For information on registering your Switch +, refer to our Switch + registration article

Register your ecobee to an account to unlock the full benefits of a smart thermostat. Registering your device will allow you to control your device through the ecobee app, view weather data, and access your thermostat runtime data through the web portal. 

To register your ecobee thermostat, you’ll need to obtain the 4-digit registration code from your ecobee thermostat’s screen.

This code is obtained by doing the following on your ecobee thermostat’s screen:

1. Tap the three horizontal bars on the bottom left corner of the ecobee screen to open the Main Menu.


2. Tap Registration. If it says "2 Steps Left” under registration, you’ll be taken to the Wi-Fi configuration screen first to connect the ecobee to your home network so that the code can be generated


After completing these steps, the code will then be displayed on the thermostat’s screen. Write this code down.

NOTE: Registration codes are valid for about one hour before they expire. If your code expires, simply follow the above procedure again to re-generate the code.

Once you have this code, register your ecobee via the mobile app or the web portal.

1. Download the ecobee App on your phone and select Create an Account. If you already have an existing ecobee account, check out our article for registering an additional ecobee thermostat.


2. Fill out the necessary fields, accept the Terms and Conditions, and select Create account.


3. Give your home a name and enter your home address

Note: You have the option of leaving the address field blank and selecting "Save home". The app will give you the option of setting the address later. Please also note that all devices under a home without a property address may not be able to generate weather data as well as HomeIQ reports.

mceclip3__1_.png mceclip0__2_.png

4. Tap on Add a Device and select Register a device on the pop-up menu.


5. Select ecobee Thermostat as your device and enter the 4-digit registration code from your thermostat. 

mceclip0__3_.png mceclip6.png

6. Enter your home details to help optimize heating and cooling. This information is also needed for generating your HomeIQ report.

If you're unsure of your home details, you can skip this step for now and come back to it later on.


7. Tap Done on the Home Details setup to proceed to your device screen. Your ecobee is now registered and accessible through the app or web portal!

mceclip2.png mceclip8.png mceclip11.png

Once you’re finished, return to your thermostat and tap Finish at the bottom right corner to complete registration.

1. Visit in your web browser and click on the model of ecobee you wish to register. 


2. Enter the 4-digit registration code in the field provided and then click NEXT.


3. Proceed through the rest of registration by filling in the required fields.


Once you’re finished, return to your thermostat and tap OK at the bottom right corner to complete registration.

Registering your ecobee will create an ecobee account, using your specified email address and password as the username and password. These credentials are used to login to the ecobee app or the ecobee Web Portal at

NOTE: A thermostat can only be registered to one ecobee account. If you’d like to have access to your thermostat from multiple devices, you can use the app from more than one device by logging in to the ecobee app on the secondary device with the same username and password.


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