What's the Hold setting on my ecobee thermostat, and how do I use it?

The Hold setting on your ecobee thermostat works to maintain a set temperature for a specified period of time. It’s a feature that comes in handy if your schedule has changed from your typical routine, and you want to override it by creating a temperature Hold. The default Hold action is “until you change it,” but you can configure how long a temperature Hold will remain in effect.

To set a temperature Hold, slide the temperature slider on your ecobee thermostat’s home screen (or on your smartphone app) up or down to the new desired heat and cool set point.

To change how long a temperature Hold will remain in effect, go to Main Menu > Settings > Preferences > Hold action. Here, you’ll be able to choose among 2 hours, 4 hours, until the next scheduled activity (in which case your ecobee will switch the next Scheduled temperature setting), until you change it, or to decide at the time of change.

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