How to set up geofencing on the ecobee app for Android



Geofencing is available on all Android devices running OS version Lollipop 5.0 or higher with Location services on.


How to Enable Geofencing:

To enable geofencing, simply open the ecobee app and do the following:

1) Tap "Account" icon in the bottom right corner


2) Tap "Geofence"


3) Tap the toggle switch on the right



You'll be presented with the following options:


Geofence Radius: Tap this to open a separate screen to configure the geofence's radius.

Use your finger to expand or retract the geofence radius to your specifications, and tap the "<" icon in the top left when you are done. The default geofence radius is 1000m, and the radius can be shrunk to as low as 100m.


Participating Devices: If you have more than one thermostat connected to your ecobee account, tap this to bring up a selection screen. Tap the thermostat that you wish to apply the geofence settings to.


NOTE: If you have more than one thermostat and they have been grouped in the Web Portal, you will see a selection for your group's name, allowing you to apply the geofence to all thermostats in the group. To add thermostats to a group, login to in your web browser.


When entering geofence: Tap here to set the type of Hold to apply to the thermostat when you enter your geofence area.

When leaving geofence: Tap here to set the type of Hold to apply to the thermostat when you leave your geofence area.

   arriving.png   leaving.png

Choose a Comfort Setting from the list to apply an indefinite Hold using that Comfort Setting's temperature/fan settings, or choose "Resume Schedule" to cancel any Holds and resume the ecobee's schedule. 

Geofencing actions place your ecobee in a Hold status based on one of your existing Comfort Settings, or if "Resume Schedule" is chosen, the geofence action will cancel any existing Holds.

For example, you can set your "When leaving geofence" action to "Away" and your "When entering geofence" to "Resume Schedule", so when you leave your Home, your ecobee will switch to your Away settings even if Away is not scheduled. Then, when you return home, the ecobee will cancel the Away hold and resume your schedule.

NOTE: Geofencing actions are indefinite. When geofencing is used, it applies the Comfort Setting profile of your choosing and holds those settings indefinitely, overriding your schedule until the hold is cancelled.

When you are finished, tap Save in the top right corner.


To ensure best results with the geofencing feature:

  • Ensure your phone's Location services are ON and your Locating Method setting is set to "High Accuracy"
  • Ensure the ecobee app has "Location" enabled under App Permissions. On your phone, press and hold the ecobee app icon and select "App Info", then under "App Settings", tap "Permissions" and ensure the toggle switch for Location is ON

locating.png   permissions.png   


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