How to build a schedule using the ecobee web portal

By building a schedule for your ecobee thermostat to follow, you’ll be able to automate temperature changes throughout each day, to suit your lifestyle. To get started, go to and log in using the email address and password you registered with. Once you’re logged in, click on the Schedule widget on the right-side of the screen.

You’ll notice that there is already a default schedule in place. This is just providing some groundwork with which you can build upon. It’s always good to start with your Comfort Settings, as these will be what we build our schedule with. You’ll start with 3 settings; Home, Away, and Sleep. You can create your own custom settings as well by clicking the New Comfort Setting option.


To start, click on the comfort setting you would like to edit:



You can set both heating and cooling setpoints for each of your comfort settings. What’s your ideal temperature when you’re home? What do you want the temperature to be when no one is home? Do you like it cooler or warmer when you sleep?



Now that you have your temperature setpoints established for each of your Comfort Settings, let’s begin adding them to your schedule! You’ll notice each day begins with the sleep schedule, as it is assumed we’ll be asleep at 12:00 am in the morning. It’s then followed by a Home setting for when we wake up, which is 6:30 am in this example. Now I want to add an Away activity for when we leave home.


First, click on Add Activity.activity.png


It’s always best to start with Monday and build the rest of the week as we go along. Select Monday from the menu and click Next:Next.png


Now, select a Comfort Setting to add to Monday’s schedule. I’m going to add an Away setting for when we go to work, and click Next:



For this example, let’s select 8:00 am, so I would like our Away schedule to begin then. Select the away start time from the menu, and click Save:



You’ll notice an Away activity has now been added to Monday’s schedule at 8:00 am.



Now I want to add another Home activity for when we return home from work. Click Add Activity and select Monday, and the Home Comfort Setting. Let’s say we get home at 6:30 pm, so that is the time I will use in this example:



Great, now Monday is complete! If there are other days of the week that share the same schedule as Monday, we can simply copy these details over to those days. Click on Copy:Copy.png


Now, select the day we are copying from. In this case, we are copying Monday:Monday.png


Now, click the checkbox next to every day we want to copy Monday over to. In this example, I’m copying Monday to the rest of the week:week.png


You’ll notice that the other days of the week now share the same schedule as Monday. Of course, you can have different schedules for each day, but this illustrates how we can easily copy one day to the next:



If you want to adjust start times for any of your activities, simply click the activity box in your schedule, and adjust any the start times.


Congratulations, you have now given your ecobee thermostat a schedule to perform each and every day, taking you one step closer to home comfort automation!

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