Using Apple HomeKit with your ecobee

HomeKit allows you to use Siri voice commands to control your ecobee, as well as programmable “scenes” to control multiple accessories with a single command.

If you need help pairing your ecobee with HomeKit, please refer to this article for instructions.


Creating HomeKit Scenes

Scenes allow you to adjust your thermostat (as well as other HomeKit accessories) with a single command. For example, if you tell Siri “I’m leaving,” your ecobee will switch to your Away comfort setting.

There are five default scenes with your ecobee:

  1. “Good morning” sets your ecobee to its Home comfort setting
  2. “Good night” sets your ecobee to its Sleep comfort setting
  3. “I’m home” sets your ecobee to its Home comfort setting
  4. “I’m leaving” sets your ecobee toits Away comfort settings
  5. “Resume schedule” resumes the programmed schedule if your ecobee was placed on hold or was in vacation mode

You can create custom HomeKit scenes in addition to your default scenes either through the ecobee mobile app or through the Home app.

ecobee mobile app:

1) Select the MENU button on the top right of the “Thermostats” page


3) On the “Homes” page, select SCENES

4) Select the “+” button at the top right of the screen

5) Create your custom scene and define the settings for your ecobee

Home app:

1) In the Home app, select the “+” button in the top right corner

2) Select “Add Scene”

3) Choose a name for your scene and select your ecobee under accessories

4) Press and hold your ecobee displayed under accessories to adjust the settings for this scene

5) Select “Done” once you’ve selected and programmed all your accessories for this scene

6) By selecting “Test This Scene,” you can see how this scene will behave and make any adjustments if needed


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