My Home IQ reports aren't generating

Home IQ reports are available 7-14 days after the end of the previous calendar month (October's reports will be generated by November 14, November's will be generated by December 14, etc.). If your reports haven't generated 14 days into the month, there are a few things to consider:


  • Thermostats must be registered and online for a full calendar month, so if you registered your thermostat after 12:00 AM EST on the first day of the month, your report will not generate. For example, if your ecobee is registered on January 1st at 10:00 AM EST, you will not receive a Home IQ report for the month of January—your thermostat would have had to have been registered by December 31, 11:59 PM EST for reports to generate for January. The first Home IQ report you'll receive is for the month of February.


  • Ensure that your "Location Data" and "Property Characteristics" are filled in through the Web Portal under the SETTINGS menu. Reports are partially based on community comparison, so they will not populate without the necessary information filled in.


  • If your thermostat was disconnected from Wi-Fi for an extended period of time, there may not be enough data recorded to render a report. Please ensure your ecobee has a stable Wi-Fi connection.


  • Check your equipment run time. In order for reports to generate, your ecobee needs to run your equipment (heating or cooling) for a specific amount of time—at least 5 hours spread out over 5 days of the month. If this minimum isn't met, our algorithm won't have enough run time data to generate a report. 


  • Your data may be inaccurate. Home IQ reports are automatically generated by our efficiency system (through community comparison, collected weather data, run time etc.) and this system also has the logic to detect inaccurate data. If you look at the example below, even though the outdoor temperature is colder, the heat is not running; you look at other days with a similar outdoor temperature, the heat is running. This is regarded as inaccurate data for the month and our system will not generate a report.




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