Creating your Weekly Schedule

Creating Your Weekly Schedule

Your heating and cooling needs change depending on the time of day and day of the week. For example, if there’s no one in the building during the weekend, you might want to let the temperature go up in the summer, to reduce energy used by the air conditioning system, and down in the winter, to reduce heating energy.

By default, the EMS Si includes two configurable periods:

  •    Occupied   Represents the period when the building or area is occupied.
  •    Unoccupied  Represents the period when the building or area is unoccupied.



The EMS Si learns how your building’s heating and cooling equipment perform. Intelligent algorithms combine weather data, your HVAC equipment run times and occupancy schedules to optimize performance and maximize energy savings.

If your schedule changes, you can quickly and easily update the EMS Si settings on the device itself or online through your Web Portal.

To view your weekly schedule:  From the Home screen,  press MENU. Select Weekly Schedule. Your weekly schedule is shown on the screen.


Using the Weekly Schedule Editor

The Weekly Schedule editor lets you to set specific times, temperatures and furnace fan settings for each day of the week.

If your system is enabled for auto change-over mode, the heat and cool set temperatures will automatically be adjusted to ensure a minimum difference.

To edit your weekly schedule:

Display your Weekly Schedule. Press OK. Select the Day. Select the Time, Heat or Cool Setting.

Press ▲ or ▼ to adjust the the value. Press ◀ or ▶ to toggle between columns. Press OK.

Select Save and Continue.

Select any other days of the week that will also use the new settings. Use the navigation keys to switch between days and press OK to select a day.

Select Continue. The new schedule is displayed on the screen.



Adding New Periods

To accommodate for varying schedules, the EMS Si lets you create additional programmed periods for single or multiple days of each week. By adding a new period for a given time and day, you can specify both a heating/cooling set point and fan mode for that new period.

To add a new period:

  1. Display the schedule for a day and select Add New. Select Create New Item.
  2. Enter a name for the new period and select Save.
  3. If your building is in-use during this period, select Yes; otherwise select No.
  4. Select Enable. Select the new time and press OK. The new period is added.

Disable a Period

To disable a period entirely, select the period’s Time and then select Disable.


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