How can I configure my HomeKit geofence radius and triggers?


Geofencing will allow you to trigger certain Scenes/commands based on your location. To use the geofencing feature, you will need an Apple home hub—either an iPad or Apple TV (generation 3 or higher). Please also ensure that you’re also on the latest version of iOS.

1) In the ecobee mobile app, select the Account icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.


2) Select "HomeKit" under the Integrations menu.


3) You should see the option for "Geofence"—select it



4) Select "Enable geofence."

IMG_1950.jpg IMG_1951.jpg


5) Change the radius by pinching the radius-circle to increase or decrease the radius of the geofence.



6) You may select a Scene that will trigger (or choose to do nothing) when you enter the geofence boundary and another for when you leave the boundary. Once you've finished making your adjustments, select "Done" in the top right corner to save.

IMG_1953.jpg IMG_1954.jpg


7) Success! You've now set up a geofence. Any time you enter or exit the set radius, your specified Scenes will trigger.


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