How do I setup the WINK app to use with ecobee?

The WINK app is a free alternative to the ecobee app. It does not require any WINK hardware or a WINK hub to use. All that is needed is the app and a free WINK account.

If you do have WINK-enabled smart home accessories or devices, you can use the WINK app as an all-in-one app interface to control your ecobee thermostats and your WINK-enabled smart home accessories or devices. You can even create automations via WINK robots that utilize both your smart home accessories or devices and your ecobee thermostats.


Creating a WINK account

You can create a WINK account via the app if you do not have one already. Download and open the WINK app, and you'll be presented with the following screen:


If you already have a WINK account, click "Sign In" on the bottom right. Otherwise, you'll need to create an account. Creating an account is free and only requires a valid email address.

To create an account:

1) Enter the email address you wish to use for your WINK account into the "Email" field. This does not have to be your ecobee account address. Tap "Next" when you are done

2) Fill out the required fields and then tap "Create Account"


3) Tap "Accept". You'll now be signed into the WINK app


Linking your ecobee account

Once you are logged in to the WINK app:

1) Tap “Add to WINK”. If this option is not displayed, tap the Home icon in the top left


2) Tap “Utilities and Climate”


3) Tap “Thermostats”


4) Tap the model of ecobee you wish to add


5) Tap “Next” on the screen that displays “Step 1 of 4”


6) Tap “I Have An Account” on the “Download ecobee App” screen. If you do not have an ecobee account, you can create one by tapping "Download App"


7) Tap “Connect Now” on the Sign In screen


8) Login to your ecobee account using your ecobee credentials on the Link Account screen


9) Tap “Accept” on the Authorize Wink app” screen



Success! Your ecobee thermostat is now connected to WINK!

(NOTE: if the app gets stuck on "Step 3 of 4", you may have to back out of the menu or close the app to complete the account linking process. Once you re-open the app, your account should be successfully linked.)

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