How do I use geofencing with the WINK app?

To use geofencing with WINK, you'll need to create "Robots" through the app. "Robots" are WINK home automation scripts that can be used to send commands to the thermostat in response to specific triggers.

Utilizing geofencing requires the following:

  1. Assigning a Location that will act as the geofence radius
  2. Creating a "Robot" for Arriving At
  3. Creating a "Robot" for Leaving From

Creating a Location

Geofencing through WINK requires setting a Location to use as a geofence radius. Once you save a Location to your WINK profile, it will add it to a list of usable Geofence locations for future usage.

You can create a Location before creating a Robot by doing the following:

1) Tap the Main Menu icon and then tap the "Account Settings" icon

winkmainmenu.png winkprofile.png

2) Tap "Saved Locations"


3) Tap "New Location"


4) Enter your address and assign this address an identifiable name, such as Home or Office. If your phone has Location services currently turned on, your address should populate automatically. Otherwise, turn Location services on and then tap "Current Location" and the address should fill in automatically. When you are finished, tap "Done" in the top right corner.



5) (Optional) You can save your newly-created location as "My Home Location" for quick reference later on by tapping "My Home Location" and then choosing your location by tapping the respective radio button

winksetashome.png winkassignhome.png


Setting up geofence actions

NOTE: If you'd like to use geofencing for both entering and leaving your address, you'll need to create separate Robots for "Arriving At" and "Leaving From". To do so, simply follow this series of instructions twice: once for "Arriving At" and again for "Leaving From".

1) Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner of the screen and then tap the "Robots" icon

winkmainmenu.png winkrobot.png

2) Tap "New Robot  Automate your Stuff!"


3) Tap "Location"


4) Under "Trigger", tap "My Location"


5) Tap either "Arriving at" or "Leaving from" and then select the Location you wish to use from the radio buttons below, then tap Save. If you have not created a Location yet, you can create one now by tapping "New Location". Please see the above "Creating a Location" instructions for details


6) Back at the New Robot screen, tap "Make This Happen" under "Then"


7) Tap the name of your thermostat


8) Use the menu to set the type of Hold Action you want to create when the geofence radius is triggered


Current supported actions for geofencing include:

  • Change System Mode (OFF, Cool, Auto, Heat, Aux)
  • Temperature (sets a temperature hold)
  • Fan Mode (switch from Auto to ON)
  • Home for Now and Away for Now (creates a Hold using your Home settings or Away settings)

When you're finished, tap "SAVE."

9) Back on the New Robot screen, tap "New Robot" under "Name" to assign your Robot a name


10) Tap Done in the top right corner


Your Robot is now ready to use and should trigger when you enter or leave the co-ordinates for the chosen location. Please make sure to turn Location services ON or geofencing will not work.

NOTE: Actions set by WINK robots are considered indefinite Holds on the ecobee, which means they will override any schedule settings on the ecobee. To resume your schedule, simply cancel the Hold by tapping the tiny "x" icon beside the "and holding" text on the thermostat screen or the app screen.

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