The flame icon on my ecobee shows an exclamation mark. What does this mean?

These two icons indicate that the Aux Heat has been temporarily disabled to save on energy costs. You will see the "Heat" icon if you are in Heat mode, and the "Auto" icon in Auto mode.
One of these icons will appear when the following conditions are met:
  • The ecobee has attempted to call for Aux Heat due to the Compressor to Aux Maximum Runtime or Compressor to Aux Temperature Delta settings
  • The outdoor temperature is higher than your Aux Heat Maximum Outdoor Temperature threshold
Tapping the icon and then tapping "Learn More" provides further information, as well as two options:

Override For 2 Hours: Tapping this will ignore the Aux Heat Maximum Outdoor Temperature setting for 2 hours and will utilize the Aux Heat

Modify: Tapping this will bring up a separate screen that will allow you change the Aux Heat Maximum Outdoor Temperature threshold value

You can find more information on aux heat and thresholds by reading through our support article on how to minimize the use of auxiliary heat.

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