ecobee3 lite Wiring Diagrams

The following wiring diagrams are for the ecobee3 lite thermostat and common HVAC equipment configurations.

These diagrams are also available within the ecobee3 lite Installation Guide included with your ecobee3 lite thermostat. To download the complete ecobee3 lite Installation Guide please click here.

For additional guidance on installing your ecobee3 lite please click here.


This diagram illustrates the wiring connections for a heat-pump system with auxiliary heating. W2, AUX and or E (Emergency) wiring connections will normally connect to the ecobee3 W1 terminal. ecobee3 manages auxiliary heating through the W1 & W2 (if there is more than 1-stage of aux heat) terminals outputs.



* If you have 2-wire heat only boiler or furnace system, you'll find additional installation instructions via the following articles:



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