What ecobee products work with SmartBuildings?

ecobee SmartBuildings is compatible with all ecobee Smart Thermostats and OEM.


Current Models



Built-in Amazon Alexa for accessible voice control
Built-in occupancy, temperature and humidity sensors
Supports dehumidifer / humidifier
Works with ecobee Room Sensors™
Great for property rentals, student housing, offices and
service retail stores. 


ecobee3 lite


ecobee3 lite 

Ideal for multi-family buildings
Great value for greater savings and comfort
Works with ecobee Room Sensors™
Great for retail, schools, office, apartments, storage facilities
and student housing. 




ecobee EMS Si

Can monitor walk-in fridges/freezers with wired sensors
Monitor your spaces with wired sensors 
Great for restaurants, schools and retail. 
Triggers automatic thermostat response for temperature alerts



Refurbished ecobee3

ecobee3 Refurbished

Good as new for an amazing price
Built-in occupancy, temperature and humidity sensor 
Works with ecobee Room Sensors™
Perfect for any application 



Older Models

ecobee SmartBuildings also seamlessly supports any legacy or strategic partnership products below: 


ecobee EMS 


 ecobee Smart Si


ecobee Smart


Cor Wi-Fi Thermostat large image


Carrier Cor (TP-WEM-01) 


 At this point, ecobee SmartBuildings does not support ecobee Switch+. 


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