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Every 2 weeks, your SmartBuildings app gets a fresh update. Sometimes, the changes are invisible—a small bug fix or backend work to enable future features. Sometimes, we roll out big features with even bigger impacts to your day-to-day. We document what has been released and made available to you below.

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January 27,  2020

See all thermostats from all buildings in one list 



What can I do with the full thermostat list?

  • View all your thermostats at once without clicking into each building.
  • Perform bulk actions to multiple thermostats across buildings, including tagging, setting the mode, and creating new events.


How do I find it?

Click the Manage all thermostats link on the building list.


Sorting lists

  • Sort your buildings by name, state or city
  • Sort all your thermostats by any column to access anything you need to see.
  • For example, sort by thermostats with alerts, or by thermostats that are on holds or high/low temperatures.


Create longer thermostat names
We’ve also increased the character limit for thermostat names from 20 to 64.



November 1,  2019

Thermostat tagging & read-only user role




You now have the ability to tag your thermostats and quickly filter them for fast access. No more clicking and cycling through lists of thermostats. With tagging, you can organize your thermostats by floor, room, zone, or any way you want.


Read-only user role


Account owners can now add users with restricted read-only permissions. Read-only users will only be able to see the buildings and thermostats you want them to and will not be able to add new devices or change any settings in both the web and mobile apps. Read-only permissions are perfect for employees, contractors, or other external users who need to read data but not edit your SmartBuildings or thermostat settings.



September 9, 2019

Mobile: Push notifications, SmartSensor support, account settings


SmartSensor support


SmartBuildings now supports the ecobee SmartSensor with improved, more accurate temperature readings, including better range, occupancy detection and up to five years of battery life. Because it's wireless, you can place a SmartSensor almost anywhere, and even mount it on the wall. Assign and change participating sensors to different settings on your mobile device. Smart sensors are compatible with any ecobee SmartTheromstat with voice control, ecobee4, ecobee3 and ecobee3 lite.


Push notifications

Take care of business knowing SmartBuildings will let you know if something requires your attention. With push notifications means you'll never miss a beat. Get updates on temperature change, humidity, and more right to your mobile device. No more missed email alerts—tap each notification to open the app and make changes or see more information.


Brand new Account Settings

We've also added a brand new account settings menu in the SmartBuildings app. Here you can see all kinds of options about your account.



May 5, 2019

Introducing Reports

You can now view historical reports for any of your thermostats right from your SmartBuildings web portal. Simply hover your cursor over the graph and the left legend will change to reflect any corresponding data. Highlighting or double-clicking on any section of the graph will allow you to zoom in.





May 5, 2019

Historical Data Export & Email Alerts 


Download Historical Data

You can now download up to 1 month's worth of data at a time, and as far back as 12 months. Downloaded data can be analyzed on any tool of your choosing. To do so, simply select any thermostat, go to the Reports > Select your data range (max 1 month) > Export 

In the coming weeks, we'll be adding additional graphing capabilities to your portal, so you can view and analyze your data right from our web app.


Email Alert Notification

You will now receive alerts for any enabled thermostat to your email. To enable or disable email alerts, go to Your Company > Account Settings > Enable Email Alerts. You will only receive alerts to your email from the time you enable them. Past alerts will not be sent to your email. 




January 1, 2019

Mobile app launch

The SmartBuildings mobile app gives you access and control over each and every thermostat, no matter where you are. Available on iOS and Android, the ecobee SmartBuildings mobile app gives you access and control over each and every thermostat, no matter where you are.

With the ecobee SmartBuildings mobile app you can:

  • View all your buildings’ thermostats in one place.
  • Control each thermostat no matter where you are.
  • Stay one step ahead with temperature and HVAC alerts.
  • Modify comfort settings on the go.
  • Easily switch HVAC system modes from anywhere.


Download for iPhone

Download for Android



November 27, 2018

Sensors & Degrees Celsius Support


Introducing sensors support

Now you can view all your sensors connected to ecobee thermostats in your SmartBuildings account.
To view your sensors, simply click on any thermostat and scroll down to the sensors section. From here you can check on the temperature and occupancy status of each sensor, and if it is configured to be used for monitoring or control.


Now view in degrees Celsius

View temperatures in either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. To change your account temperature display preference, go to your Dropdown Menu > Account Settings > Select your temperature display

The setting you choose is custom to your account. Each team member can view their thermostats in either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit independent of one another. This preference does not affect how temperature is displayed locally at the thermostats.




October 30, 2018

Team Access

Now you can add an unlimited number of team members to your SmartBuildings account. To add members, simply go to your Dropdown Menu > Team Members > Invite User > Enter their email address and assign a role.

This feature may evolve and change as we begin to get a better understanding of how you're actually using it.


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