What are Activities and Comfort Settings?

Your thermostat's schedule is made up of two main components.

The first are your Activities. These tell your ecobee how to organize your day – periods that you're asleep, that you're home, that you're away, etc.

The ecobee comes with three default activities:

  • Home (blue icon)
  • Away (purple icon)
  • Sleep (grey icon)

Your schedule is organized by using activities, like this:


Note: In this example schedule, each day is made up of Sleep and Home activity blocks. Notice that Sunday's Sleep activity carries over to Monday morning – this is because sleep periods generally carry over from one evening to the next morning. 

You aren't limited to only using the default activities either! Customize your schedule by creating your own activities like – Morning, Evening, or even one for that Sunday nap time! 

The next part of the schedule are your Comfort Settings. This tells your ecobee what temperature you want your home to be during your Activities. The orange number is the heat setting, and the blue number is the cool setting. 

Essentially, Comfort Settings are a predefined heat/cool setting that can be applied to a specific period of a day.


The activity and the comfort setting work together to determine what temperature is maintained and for how long. For example, in this schedule, with the system mode in heat, the house will maintain 17°C overnight until 7:00 AM the next morning.

NOTE: During Away activities, the ecobee will add an additional 1°F/0.6°C degree differential to your set temperature when deciding to call for heating or cooling. This is done to help save on energy by avoiding calling for heating or cooling while your home is unoccupied.

Comfort Settings will be different for everyone and should be a temperature that balances your own comfort level as well as reducing energy consumption (this increases energy savings and has a planet positive effect!)

Note: Any manual change made to the thermostat will result in a hold being placed and will override the schedule. For further reading on holds, please refer to the following article: What are holds?  

You can change your schedule anytime from your ecobee thermostat, Web Portal or the ecobee app.

Adjusting and Creating Activities


How to Set a Schedule

To edit an existing activity:

  1. Select SCHEDULE tile.
  2. Select an existing scheduled activity to edit.
  3. Select Start time.
  4. Select SAVE.

To create a new activity:

  1. On the SCHEDULE tile, select ADD ACTIVITY.
  2. Select the day.
  3. Select NEXT.
  4. Select the Comfort Setting to use during the activity.
  5. Select NEXT.
  6. Select Start time.
  7. Select SAVE.

Adjusting and Creating Comfort Settings

Comfort Settings make sure your home is the right temperature during specific activities in your schedule.

Adjust your Comfort Settings on your ecobee or on the app:

  1. Select MAIN MENU, then tap COMFORT SETTINGS
  2. Select the Comfort Setting you want to customize.
  3. Adjust the set points for heat and cool, as well as fan mode as required.
  4. You can also now select which sensors are participating in this Comfort Setting.
  5. Touch SAVE.


Create a new Comfort Setting through the ecobee Web Portal:

  1. Select SCHEDULE tile.
  2. Select New Comfort Setting to create a new one.
  3. Adjust the name, set points for heat and cool, as well as fan mode as required.
  4. Select if this Comfort Setting is for when the home is Occupied or Unoccupied
    NOTE: Selecting "I'm Usually Away" in this step will result in the ecobee adding an additional 1°F/0.6°C degree differential to the set temperature when deciding to call for heating or cooling.
  5. Select SAVE.

The new Comfort Setting will appear in the Schedule tile on the Web Portal as well as on the ecobee thermostat.

For more information on how to create a custom Comfort Setting, please refer to this page: How to add a Comfort Setting into my Schedule

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