How to upgrade your Residential account to SmartBuildings

What is SmartBuildings? 

SmartBuildings is the smart thermostat management solution for commercial & multi-family buildings from ecobee. 

Who is SmartBuildings for?

SmartBuildings is designed for business owners and property managers who manage 5 or more thermostats in a single location or across multiple locations. 

What's the difference between the residential app and SmartBuildings?

SmartBuildings is designed for commercial & multifamily use where thermostats are managed at mass, while the ecobee residential app is designed the home to manage one or a few thermostats. With SmartBuildings, you get:

  • A commercial look and feel 
  • Unlimited thermostats in one account
  • Bulk scheduling and setting across as many thermostats as you want
  • Team access: Individual logins for as many users as you want to access a single account or parts of the account

For a more detailed comparison, see our comparison chart


That sounds great! How do I upgrade?

Here are 5 easy steps to upgrade your account:

1. Sign up for a SmartBuildings account on You can use the same email that you currently use for your existing account. 

2. Purchase 1 or as many subscriptions as you require. You can always add more subscriptions at a later date within your app. 

3. Set up your SmartBuildings by adding your buildings information

4. Remove your thermostats from your existing residential portal by going to My Account > Unregister thermostat > Select the thermostats you want to remove > Unregister. Your thermostats will retain all your previous settings. 

5. Add your thermostats to the SmartBuildings portal using the 12-digit serial number, and you are good to go! 


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