Am I compatible with the Switch+?


Before purchasing and installing your ecobee Switch+, it's important to find a location that will be compatible with the device. To determine compatibility - look no further than this FAQ page! 

Note - always ensure that your power is off when dealing with light switch wiring and locations. This device does involve handling high-voltage wires. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with proceeding on your own, please don't hesitate to consult a qualified electrician.

If you have already determined that your home has a compatible spot for the light switch, then you can proceed to check out the Switch+ Installation FAQ.


Lightbulb Compatibility

ecobee Switch+ is not dimmable. However, you can connect ecobee Switch+ with other smart light bulbs, so you can ask built-in Alexa to dim your lights and create the perfect ambiance for your home.

Some of the smart light bulbs Switch+ works with include Philips Hue Bulbs (through the Philips Hue Bridge) and LIFX lights.

Smarter lighting starts with a smarter light switch. We made sure ecobee Switch+ will connect with some of your favourite smart light bulbs, so you can ask built-in Alexa to control them.

Some of the smart light bulbs Switch+ works with include Philips Hue Bulbs (through the Philips Hue Bridge) and LIFX lights. 


Placement Compatibility

ecobee Switch+ works with lights that are controlled by one switch, a single pole connection, and requires a Neutral wire. No hub is required, only a wifi signal to control your light switch from anywhere through our mobile app.




The ecobee Switch+ does not work in three-way locations. A three-way switch is connected to light bulbs that can be controlled from two switches. The Switch+ is intended for single-pole switches--for light bulbs that are controlled by a single switch.



Yes, you can install your ecobee Switch+ in a multi-gang location as long as you have all the required wires in the electrical box. Instead of using the wall plate that comes in the box with your Switch+, you can simply use your existing multi-gang wall plate once the Switch+ is installed.  

Switch+ measurements:

Length: 106 mm

Width: 45 mm

Depth: 50 mm  

Wall plate measurements:

Length: 119 mm

Width: 75 mm

Depth: 7 mm

The ecobee switch+ is only designed and rated to control lighting. It's not designed to be used with any motor loads, like a ceiling fan.

Yes you can, thanks to a handy little trick. Just re-purpose the screw found on the back of your wall box to ground your ecobee Switch+. Here's a video for detailed instructions: 

Hopefully your current light switch includes a neural wire, because ecobee Switch+ does require one to work properly. If you don't have a neutral wire, unfortunately you won't be able to install ecobee Switch+.

Please try another location in your house that has a neutral wire.



Power Compatibility

ecobee Switch+ can be used with incandescent, CFL, fluorescent, and LED lighting. It is rated for 600W incandescent and 150W CFL/LED lights.

No, ecobee Switch+ has a maximum electrical requirement of 600W Incandescent at 120V AC.


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