Using your Switch+

The following article details how to use your Switch+ and its Smart Features.

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About your Switch+

ecobee Switch+ comes with Amazon Alexa built into the device, plus a microphone and speakers that allow you to send commands and listen from across the room. It also comes with an occupancy and daylight sensors that turn your lights on when you walk into a dark room, and off when the room is empty for 15 mins or more. And a user-configurable night light. Neat.



Pressing the action button interrupts whatever Alexa is playing (e.g. music or news) so it can hear your voice command.


Here's a handy chart to decode the light bar's different colors:



Using the Switch+ Smart Features

Smart On and Smart Off are key features that make your ecobee Switch+, well, smart. Here's how they work:

Smart On automatically turns on your lights when you walk into a dark room, using occupancy and daylight sensors.


Smart Off automatically turns off your lights a few minutes after you leave an empty room. You can adjust how long your Switch+ waits before turning off the lights with the ecobee app.


Note: By default Smart Off is set to 15 minutes.

When you first setup your ecobee Switch+, it will automatically turn off the lights 15 minutes after a room is empty. You can easily adjust how long your Switch+ waits before turning off the lights with the ecobee app. Just tap Smart Features > Smart Off


You can keep your nights fumble free by enabling the night light feature with the ecobee app.


Just tap Smart Features > Night Light. Once enabled, the night light will automatically turn on when the room is dark, and will automatically turn off when there's enough light in the room to see again.


The ecobee Switch+ night light only has one colour, and the brightness is not adjustable. 

When you first setup your ecobee Switch+, it will automatically turn off the lights 15 minutes after a room is empty. You can easily adjust how long your Switch+ waits before turning off the lights with the ecobee app. Just tap Smart Features > Smart Off


Do Not Disturb is a key feature when Auto On is enabled, but you don't want to be disturb for certain times of the day. If you have your Switch+ installed in the bedroom, you probably don't want it to turn on while you're sleeping. This feature will make sure you get that dark, sound sleep!

Here's how to activate Do Not Disturb:

1) Open your ecobee mobile app and select your Switch+ 

2) Select the Smart Features option. 

3) Tap on the Smart On feature.

4) Select Do Not Disturb and tap Enable.

5) Then select the start and end time you want Do Not Disturb to activate.

Do_Not_Disturb1.png Do_Not_Disturb2.png

Now your Switch+ will not turn on surprisingly, and you can sleep soundly!


How To

To check the Wi-Fi status on your Switch+, press and hold the Mic off button in the top left corner of the Switch+ for 7 seconds.


The Switch+ will then report its current Wi-Fi status.

"Everything's fine with your network" - The Switch+ is connected to your network.

"The Switch+ is unable to connect to your network" - The Switch+ is not currently connected to your router.

"The Switch is connected to your Wi-Fi network, but isn't able to reach the Internet." - The Switch+ is connected to your router, but is unable to connect to

If your Switch+ states that it is not connected to your Wi-Fi network or to the Internet, please see this article for troubleshooting techniques to get it back online.


To reboot the Switch+, you'll need to bring up the Configuration Menu and select the "Reset Device" option.


On the Switch:

1) Press and hold the Main button for 5 seconds until the voice says "Welcome to the configuration menu," and then release the button.

2) Wait for the voice to say "restart device" and then press the Main button again.  

Force Reboot

If the configuration menu voice is not audible, you can also force reboot the Switch+ by doing the following:

1) Hold down one of the two top buttons and the Main button at the same time for 7 seconds

2) Release the buttons


If you find yourself needing to reset your Switch+, simply follow these steps:

1)Press and hold the main button for 5 seconds.

2) Wait for the voice prompt to say "Reset to factory settings."

3) Press the main button again.

Your Switch+ will then reset to its default factory settings.


You can rename your Switch+ through the mobile app by doing the following:

1) Tap the name of your Switch+

2) Tap the Main Menu button in the bottom left.


3) Tap "Device Settings."


4) Tap "Device Name."


5) Select a name from the list by tapping it, or scroll down and select "Enter your own" to enter a custom name. A green check-mark icon next to the name indicates the name that is currently selected.


Once this is done, you'll need to have Alexa rediscover your device under the new name. Open the Alexa app, tap the Main Menu button in the top left, select "Smart Home", then tap "Add Device" to refresh the device list.

NOTE: If you're creating a custom name, ensure that it is easy to pronounce and understand. Please follow these naming conventions:

  • Avoid using any special characters (hyphens, ! or ?, @,$).
  • Avoid using numbers in place of letters, or vice versa (i.e: “Sw1tch” in place of “Switch”).
  • Try to keep the name to a reasonable length.
  • Choose a name that is descriptive of your Switch+
  • Choose a name that is easy to remember and pronounce.
  • Choose a name that is distinct and different from any other Alexa controlled devices on your account. For example, if your Switch+ is named "Living Room", ensure you have no other Smart Home devices named "Living Room" discovered by Alexa.

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