"Sorry, I need a minute" and other Alexa issues

This article applies to ecobee4 and SmartThermostat with voice control thermostats. 


If you are having any Alexa-related issues with your ecobee thermostat devices, take note of what message Alexa is giving.

Please contact the ecobee Support team if the issue persists after troubleshooting, or if you do not see your issue in the menu below.

If you are looking to troubleshoot Alexa with your Switch+ device then you can check out this page: Switch+ and Amazon Alexa.

This message means that your ecobee4 or SmartThermostat with voice control is having trouble communicating with Alexa Voice Service. When this happens, the Alexa microphone icon on your ecobee may also display a question mark.

To restore communication to Alexa Voice Service, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

Reboot the thermostat

1) Remove the ecobee4 or SmartThermostat with voice control from the wall - by disengaging the front plate from the back plate, the ecobee will power off. The best way to do this is to place your thumb on the bottom of the ecobee, four fingers on the top, and then pull straight out. 

2) Wait roughly 30 seconds, and then reattach the thermostat face plate to the wall. You should hear a click when the ecobee is firmly back in place.

3) Allow the ecobee to boot back up and reconnect to Wi-Fi. This process will take a few minutes. If your ecobee does not automatically connect back to your Wi-Fi network, go to MAIN MENU > SETTINGS > WI-FI > NETWORK and connect to your home network manually.

Once this is done, try and give Alexa a command.

Unlink and relink your Amazon account

If Alexa is still saying “Sorry, I need a minute” after a reboot, it may be necessary to unlink from Alexa Voice Service. You will want to relink your account afterwards to reestablish connection to Alexa.

This can be done from either the ecobee app or the Web Portal.

On the ecobee app:

1) Tap the microphone icon on the bottom right.

2) Tap Unlink Alexa, and tap Unlink again to confirm. The Microphone icon will now be displayed with a slash through it indicating Alexa is unlinked.

3) Tap the Microphone icon again, then tap Sign in with Amazon.

4) Sign into your Amazon account.

5) Press 'Allow' so your ecobee4 or SmartThermostat with Voice Control can access Alexa Voice Service again.

On the Web Portal:

1) Log in to

2) Click the Alexa Voice Service tile on the Web Portal.

3) Click Unlink Alexa, and then click the Unlink Alexa button in the bottom right to complete the unlinking process.

4) Click the Alexa Voice Service – Unlinked tile on the Web Portal.

5) Click Next.

6) You’ll be prompted to sign in to your Amazon account to allow permission to link your Amazon and ecobee accounts.

(Note: Trying a reboot after these steps can be helpful in reestablish a connection as well!)

If this is a reoccurring issue, check the strength of your Wi-Fi by going to Main Menu and then About on the thermostat. If your Wi-Fi signal strength is low, consider moving the router closer to the ecobee (if possible) or looking into a Wi-Fi range extender to provide a stronger signal.

If Alexa still responds with “Sorry, I need a minute” after rebooting your thermostat and unlinking/relinking Alexa, please contact ecobee Support at 1-877-932-6233 for further troubleshooting.

If Alexa is having trouble discovering your ecobee thermostat with built-in Alexa during setup, this is often due to a wif-fi issue. Try the following steps:

  1. Make sure your ecobee is connected to your Wi-Fi network. 
    1. To check your thermostat's wi-fi connection, select MENU > SETTINGS > Wi-Fi > Network.
    2. If necessary, select your network and enter your Wi-Fi network password.

If are have an ecobee4 and you have a dual-band network, be sure to select the 2.4Ghz network from the list. This condition will not apply to the SmartThermostat with voice control as this model is dual-band compatible.

Then, log in to the ecobee app and ensure that your thermostat can be controlled from the mobile app.

If Alexa still can't discover your thermostat, please contact ecobee Support for further help.

Alexa will always follow the minimum and maximum temperatures you have set on your ecobee. If your minimum is set to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and you ask Alexa to change the temperature to 58 degrees, you’ll receive the above error message.

If you are receiving this error after saying a temperature that is within your minimum and maximum settings, there’s a chance that your ecobee is set to Celsius rather than Fahrenheit (or vice versa).

To check if your thermostat is set to Celsius on your ecobee4 or SmartThermostat with voice control, select MENU > SETTINGS > PREFERENCES.

To check if Alexa is set to Celsius, open your Alexa App or visit then go to SETTINGS > DEVICE NAME (ecobee) > TEMPERATURE UNITS

Simply repeat the name of your ecobee. If Alexa still isn’t sure which device you mean, it may be that she isn’t able to understand the name of your ecobee. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Make sure you’re using your ecobee’s name correctly. To confirm what you’ve named your ecobee, on your thermostat, go to Settings > Preferences > Thermostat.
  • Make sure that your ecobee’s name is easy to understand. For instance, Alexa will have trouble understanding ‘ecobee3 lite’ or a name that is spelled differently (such as 'b3dr00m').
  • You can change the name of your ecobee at any time by going to Settings > Preferences > Thermostat > Input the new name. Once you’ve changed it, you’ll need to ask Alexa to discover devices again. 

If Alexa says your ecobee device is not responding, it usually means your ecobee has lost connection to Wi-Fi. If the device in question is a room sensor, it usually means the sensor has lost communication with the thermsotat it is paired to.

If Alexa says your ecobee thermostat is not responding:

To view your ecobee’s Wi-Fi status, tap the QUICK CHANGES menu button (the gear icon) in the bottom right corner of the thermostat, and then look at the top right corner of the thermostat screen to view the Connectivity icon.


If your ecobee is not connected to Wi-Fi or, please click the following link for connectivity issues: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi- Issues.

If Alexa says your room sensor is not responding:

If Alexa says “Sorry, (room sensor name) is not responding,” then you will want to check the status of that particular sensor.

To verify your room sensor’s connection status, tap MAIN MENU > SENSORS on the ecobee itself, mobile app, or web portal.

If your sensor says N/A underneath it and does not list the temperature, this means the sensor has lost connection to your ecobee. This usually indicates one or more of the following:

  • The battery needs to be replaced.
  • The room sensor is too far away from the ecobee thermostat it is paired to (sensors have a maximum range of 45 feet).
  • There is interference from other devices such as baby monitors or cellphones communicating on the 915MHz frequency.

Please click the following link for troubleshooting room sensor showing N/A and connectivity issues: Room Sensor FAQ, Setup, and Troubleshooting.

NOTE: If you delete and then re-pair your room sensor to restore connectivity, you may need to have Alexa re-discover your newly re-paired sensor.

Ask Alexa to discover your device. Say, "Discover my devices," or select Add Device in the Devices section of the Alexa app.

Alexa will then discover any newly-connected devices. This process usually takes 20 seconds.

If Alexa is having a hard time understanding your questions or commands, it could be because Alexa isn’t hearing you properly. There are a few things you can try to do to fix the problem:

  1. Move a little bit closer to your ecobee4 or SmartThermostat with voice control and speak slowly and clearly.
  2. Make sure there isn’t significant environment noise.
  3. Check to see if Alexa is hearing you properly. On your Alexa App go to MAIN MENU> SETTINGS > ALEXA ACCOUNT > HISTORY. This will show all previous interactions with Alexa and you can check to what Alexa has recorded. If it’s not what you said, you can try moving closer to your device and repeating the command slowly and clearly.

alexa_settings1.png alexa_settings_2.png

If the blue light pipe does not glow in response when you say "Alexa", please try the Push to Talk button on your ecobee4 or SmartThermostat with voice control's home screen. To do this, tap the microphone icon on the bottom left of the home screen, and then tap on the “Push To Talk” icon. Once tapped, you’ll see the blue light pipe glow. Ask your question, and Alexa should respond.


You may also want to try moving closer to your device and making sure you are saying “Alexa” clearly.

If the issue persists, you will want to make sure that your device is on the latest firmware – you can check by going to Main Menu > About on your thermostat screen to see which firmware your device is currently running. Once you have that information, check this page to confirm if you are in need of an update: latest ecobee firmware versions.

If you are on the latest firmware, and the light pipe is still not glowing, please try power-cycling the ecobee.

  • Get a good firm grip on the front of the thermostat and pull it straight out. The thermostat will disconnect from the back plate and power down.
  • After one minute, pop the ecobee back on the wall and let it power back up completely. This usually takes a couple of minutes; one way to tell when everything has re-connected is when the question mark over the weather icon disappears. 
  • Once you have verified that it has reconnected to Wi-Fi, try an Alexa command! Often a good reboot can restore communication with Alexa. 


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