How to use the ecobee app

The ecobee app is a convenient way for you to access your ecobee devices from anywhere at any time. To take advantage of this amazing feature, you will need to download the ecobee app to your mobile device and register your thermostat to an ecobee account.

Getting Started

Depending on which device you're using, you can download the ecobee app either through the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android).

Simply click or tap on one of the buttons below to download the app for your device.




ecobee also works with platforms you already know and love, so you can control your lights, temperature, and more. Click on any of the buttons below for more information.


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To get full remote access to your ecobee using the mobile app or web portal, you'll have to register your ecobee first. Here's how you can register.

Then, log into the app using your ecobee user ID (the email address you used to register your thermostat) and password.



Managing your account

Managing devices in different locations is now made easier with the added feature of creating multiple homes. To create an additional home on your app, tap on the drop-down arrow shown below and select Manage Home:

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Under Manage Homes, select Add a new Home and enter your new home's name and address on the fields provided. Tap on Save home to complete the process.

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You can use the ecobee app to add thermostats, the Switch +, and SmartSensors to your account. To add a new device, tap on the + icon on the upper right side of the screen.

If you have yet to install your device, select Install a device, choose the device you are installing and let the wizard guide you through.

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Already installed your device? Refer to our articles on how to register a thermostat, Switch +, or pair a sensor to know more.


To transfer devices to a different home, go to Manage Homes and select the home that has the device you would like to move. Tap on the Move button next to the device and choose the new home you would like to move it to.


Accidentally made a home or getting rid of an old one? You can easily delete a home on the ecobee app by going to Manage Homes, select the home you would like to delete and tap on Delete home.

If the home you are deleting still has devices under it, the app will ask you to move these devices to an existing home.

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The ecobee app will automatically alert you to devices who have not been assigned a home yet. See the banner shown below:


To assign these devices to a home, tap on the alert banner to open the list of unassigned devices. Tap on each device and select the home you would like to move them to.

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Your ecobee gets to go on vacation too! To create a vacation schedule for your devices, tap on the Vacation tab on the bottom part of the screen and select Set a vacation. 

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You can choose to edit the devices affected by your vacation mode settings by tapping on the Add/Remove Devices option. Tap each device to edit the set points it will maintain while on vacation mode.


General FAQ

The ecobee app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices including iPad and Apple Watch. To know more about the ecobee Apple Watch app, see our ecobee Watch App FAQ.

You can check the latest version of the ecobee app by visiting either the App Store for iOS or the Google Play store for Android.

Simply click or tap on one of the buttons below to verify the latest app version or to download the app for your device. We do recommend always using the latest version of the app available for the best performance as fixes and patches are routinely put out.  


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For iOS devices running on iOS 10 or higher, you have the option of adding your ecobee app to your phone's widget screen for quick and easy access.

Step 1: From your home screen, swipe to the left to open the app widget screen and scroll to the bottom to find Edit.


Step 2: Select Edit and find ecobee on the list of apps you can add to your widget screen. Tap on the + icon next to the ecobee option to add this widget and hit on Done to complete the process.

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Try closing and re-opening the app on your phone, rebooting your phone, or checking whether your operating system and/or version of your ecobee app is up to date.

If things still aren't working the way they're supposed to, contact support for further assistance.


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