Home Monitoring and Arm Modes

There are 3 modes used for ecobee Home Monitoring: Armed Away, Armed Stay, and Disarmed

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Armed Away 

Armed Away sends entry and motion alerts from all compatible devices in your ecobee Home to keep you informed when you're away from home.

Compatible devices include:

  • SmartCamera with voice control
  • SmartSensor for doors and windows
  • SmartThermostat with voice control
  • SmartSensor
  • Room Sensor
  • ecobee4 
  • ecobee3 
  • Switch+


Armed Stay

Armed Stay only sends entry alerts from ecobee SmartSensor for doors and windows in your ecobee Home.



Disarmed turns off any motion or entry alerts from any device in your ecobee Home.





How to customize the devices in each mode

You can select which devices will send entry and motion alerts in each Arm Mode via the Home Monitoring menu in the ecobee app:

  1. Select Home Monitoring in the ecobee app

  2. Select the gear icon located at the top right
    NOTE: You may also edit your current mode by selected Edit Mode at the bottom of the menu.

  3. Below Automation, you will find the option to edit modes

  4. Select the mode you wish to edit and choose which devices participate in each mode

NOTE: You cannot edit Disarm mode.

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