Frequently Asked Questions

Compatibility Questions

Can I use the SmartCamera with voice control outdoors?

Although the ecobee SmartCamera with voice control is built to operate between 0-40 degrees Celsius, it is meant to be used in your home.

To learn more about the technical details, please click here.


Does the SmartCamera with voice control require professional installation?

The ecobee SmartCamera with voice control is designed with simplicity in mind. Your camera can be placed on a surface or mounted to the wall using the provided anchor and screw. You will need an outlet near your camera’s location for the 12V adapter.

To learn more about mounting your SmartCamera with voice control, please click here.


Does the camera work with existing smart features (Smart Home/Away, Smart Recovery, etc)

The SmartCamera with voice control improves the Autopilot feature, further enhancing the eco+ experience.


What happens if the camera loses power?

If the camera loses power, it will not be able to connect to WiFi, send video clips, track motion or people, or be able to do live view on the ecobee app. When the camera is powered up again, it will automatically connect to the WiFi network and keep all its previous recording settings.

If you’ve moved it to a new home, follow these steps to bring your camera back to its original, factory settings, and then set it up in your new home:

  1. Press and hold the top two buttons on the SmartCamera with voice control at the same time, until you hear the voice menu, then release the buttons.
  2. Wait for the voice menu to say “Reset to factory settings”.
  3. Press the Voice Assistant button again.


Does the SmartCamera support 2.4 and 5 GHz networks?



Can I set up the SmartCamera to use my internal LAN network?

The ecobee Smart Camera with voice control can be set up using an internal LAN network and HomeKit. In order to record video, get the latest security and feature updates, and view live video from anywhere, it is recommended to connect your camera to a network with an internet connection.


Does the SmartCamera support Zigbee?



Purchasing Questions

Where can I buy SmartCamera with voice control?

SmartCamera with voice control can be purchased online at


Will I be able to access recordings taken by my camera prior to getting a subscription to ecobee Haven?

Without an ecobee Haven subscription, the SmartCamera with voice control will not record any clips.


Privacy Policy Questions

Can footage from my camera be tampered with or stolen?

Live video is encrypted, and sent directly from the camera to your phone. It is never stored anywhere Recorded video clips are encrypted and stored in the cloud. We are deeply committed to preserving the privacy of our users. That’s why we are mandating the use of Multi-Factor Authentication for all accounts with a camera.


What is ecobee’s Privacy Policy?

You can find ecobee’s privacy policy at


Who can see my camera feed? Where are the recordings and snapshots stored and who has access to them?

No one can see your video without your permission or a court order. Video is processed directly on your SmartCamera with voice control and recordings and snapshots are stored securely on the cloud for 14 days. All recordings and snapshots that are saved to the cloud are visible in the ecobee mobile app, so you know exactly what clips have been sent and saved. When you delete a video from the ecobee app it will also erase that video from the cloud. You can read ecobee’s full privacy policy here.


When I uninstall the SmartCamera from my account, what happens to the recordings and snapshots taken by the SmartCamera?

When you uninstall your SmartCamera with voice control, your videos will be deleted from our cloud server. If you’d like to save your footage, you have the opportunity to download videos from the cloud to your mobile phone prior to uninstalling your SmartCamera.


Are the recordings/snapshots saved to the camera itself? To the app? To my device?

All recordings and snapshots are saved in the cloud, and are visible in the mobile app, so you’re aware of all clips that have been sent from the camera.





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