How do I watch and control my camera from the ecobee app?

Every SmartCamera with voice control will provide a live feed from your camera, as well as several controls to interact with your camera in different ways.


Watch Live Video

Live video lets you see what your camera can see in real-time. To watch Live video, simply tap on "View Live" from the ecobee app.

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Holding your phone vertically will display the feed in Portrait mode, while holding it horizontally will switch to Landscape.

In both modes, you will be able to access all of your features, however the settings menu is only accessible in portrait mode.


How to take Snapshots

To take a snapshot, open your ecobee app and select the camera you wish to take snapshots from then select Snapshot. Once taken, will pop-up will confirm the snapshot has been taken. Select this pop-up to view your snapshot.



How to use Two-Way Talk to communicate through your SmartCamera with voice control

In the ecobee app, open the camera you wish to view from. Then select the Talk icon. Once the icon turns green, Two-Way Talk mode will be enabled, allowing you to speak through and listen in on your SmartCamera with voice control.

Tapping the icon again will cancel Two-Way Talk mode.

NOTE: Please make sure the speaker icon is not muted in the live feed if you are listening in.





How to Record Video

To record video, open your ecobee app and select the camera you wish to record video from then select Record. To stop recording at any time, tap Stop.

Manual recordings have a maximum length of 2 minutes.

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Pan/Tilt mode, which is labelled on the app as simply “Pan” is a feature that allows you to manually take control of your live feed.

Keep in mind this is a virtual version of your camera that you are taking control of and not the camera itself. The full field of view of 180 degrees is made available as the feature section is replaced with a simple four-directional controller, with zoom in/out icons represented by a +/- symbol. The location of these controls changes based on whether you’re viewing the stream in portrait or landscape mode.

In portrait mode, the directional controller is located directly below the stream. With the zoom in/out icons located at the bottom right and left respectively. The icon in the center of the directional pad will re-focus the image back to its original location.


 In landscape mode, the controls will always appear on the right side of the camera. From top to bottom will be the zoom in/out icons, the exit icon, and lastly the directional controller.


 To exit the mode, simply select the “X” located below the directional controller.


Play Siren

While viewing the live camera feed, tap the Play Siren button to immediately activate a siren on all compatible ecobee devices in your home.

Compatible devices include:

  • SmartCamera with voice control
  • SmartThermostat with voice control
  • ecobee4
  • Switch+

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