Advanced Features and Settings - ecobee SmartCamera with voice control

(NOTE: AutoPilot settings for the SmartCamera are now located in the AutoPilot menu at the bottom of the app screen. Please click here for more details)

By tapping the gear icon in the top right corner of the live feed screen, the Settings menu will open up, containing various features and settings.



Turning your SmartCamera ON/OFF

Located at the top of the screen is the Camera On/Off toggle. You may toggle the camera off at any time.

If your SmartCamera is connected to HomeKit, the text "Connected to HomeKit" will also be displayed here.

NOTE: When the SmartCamera with voice control is turned off, you will be unable to view live video, and the camera will not record video. This will NOT, however, turn the SmartCamera off in HomeKit


Detection Settings

From the Detection Settings menu, you can enable/disable various detection features.


Motion Detection will automatically record when your SmartCamera detects motion. Person Detection will have your SmartCamera automatically follow a person in view and record them.

NOTE: If Motion Detection and/or Person Detection are enabled for your SmartCamera, they will be enabled for all Haven arm states (Disarmed, Armed Stay, Armed Away), meaning that your SmartCamera will record motion and/or person detection even when you are home.


Smart Focus feature

With Smart Focus enabled, your SmartCamera will automatically pan and zoom to keep motion and people in view.


How to adjust motion capture sensitivity

Select the Motion Sensitivity option from the Detection Settings menu. This will display an adjustable slider. The higher the sensitivity, the more motion your SmartCamera will detect.



How to set and adjust a motion detection zone (Activity Zone)

You can use the Activity Zone feature to tell your SmartCamera with voice control to only focus on detecting motion in a specific area of your home.

When you select Activity Zone from the Detection Settings menu, you will see a screen that shows your camera’s current Activity Zone highlighted in white. By default, the entire screen will be highlighted.

To adjust the Activity Zone:

  1. Tap the Edit Zone icon in the top right.
  2. Drag the white dots to adjust the Activity Zone.
  3. Tap the ‘check mark’ icon in the top right to save changes.

NOTE: The Activity Zone will only limit motion detection to within the zone. If person detection is enabled, people will still be detected outside of the Activity Zone.

    Activity_Zone.png Activity_Zone_Edit_Zone.png 

 Activity_Zone_New_Zone_Created.png   Activity_Zone_Saved.png


Audio Settings

From the Audio menu, you can toggle your SmartCamera's microphone on/off, as well as adjust the speaker volume.



Window Mode

With Window Mode enabled, your SmartCamera with voice control will disable its infrared light feature in order to see clearly through glass during night hours.

Window Mode can be enabled by navigating to the Settings menu and selecting Window Mode. From here, use the toggle to turn Window Mode on or off.


  • When Window Mode is ON, the SmartCamera with voice control will not utilize infrared lighting.
  • Window Mode CANNOT be enabled if your SmartCamera is configured as a baby monitor



Changing device settings

From the Device Settings menu, you can:

  • Switch your SmartCamera mode to/from Security Camera mode or Baby Monitor mode
  • Rename your SmartCamera with voice control

Navigating to the Settings menu on your SmartCamera with voice control then select Device Settings to access to either option.




How to find your camera’s serial number and firmware version

Under the Settings menu, you will find the About section. This will contain your device’s serial number, firmware version, and a few other pieces of identifying information related to your SmartCamera with voice control.


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