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Subscription Questions


How do I buy a subscription to ecobee Haven?

Customers can learn more about our Haven subscription offering at, which links to where they can log in with their ecobee credentials and sign up. There will also be links in the Android app that lead to


How much does the subscription cost and how often will I be billed?

Unsubscribed (Default) 

  • $0/month
  • Live video for SmartCamera with voice control

Essential Subscription - One (1) camera seat

  • $5 USD / $7 CAD per month
  • Includes Haven benefits (smart push notifications, siren, arm/disarm, Autopilot)
  • Includes video storage of clips for 30 days for one (1) camera
  • Allows unlimited non-camera devices

Extended Subscription - Unlimited cameras

  • $10 USD / $14 CAD per month
  • Includes Haven benefits (smart push notifications, siren, arm/disarm, Autopilot)
  • Unlimited non-camera devices + unlimited cameras
  • Includes video storage of clips for 30 days for all cameras in your ecobee Home


Does the subscription apply to all devices in my account?

The Haven subscription applies to all non-camera devices in your home, and we have different tiers available depending on how many cameras you want clip storage for in the cloud. Each home requires its own subscription.


Can you change your subscription tier?

You can upgrade or downgrade your tier at any time.

  1. Go to in a browser, or Account tab > Subscriptions on Android
  2. Tap/click into your Haven subscription and select Update Plan
  3. Checkout with the new plan


What happens to my account and devices if I cancel a subscription?

You would lose your Haven benefits. The last 30 days of video clips will be available in the cloud but new clips will not be added anymore.


Will my subscription be tied to the Home that I’m an Owner of? If so, can I change which Home is subscribed?

Your subscription is associated with a Home for which you are an Owner. Subscriptions cannot be transferred between Homes, but you can unsubscribe a Home or subscribe a new Home at any time.


What happens to events detected by my camera if I have an Essential Subscription and I am not subscribed?

If your camera has an Essential subscription, your clips will be stored in the cloud. If you’re not subscribed, you will only be able to view the video stream from your camera live.


Free Trial Questions

Is there a free trial?

Yes, there is. Each account is entitled to a two (2) month (60 day) free trial.

How long is the free trial?

The trial is for two (2) months. You can choose which tier you want your trial at, and it will auto-renew on that tier once your trial ends.

How does the free trial work?

Simply provide your credit card details up front, choose the tier you’d like, and your two (2) months free trial will start.

What does the free trial include?

The trial includes the full benefits from the Essential or Extended tier, depending on what you have selected.

How will I know when my trial starts and ends?

You’ll receive an email at the start and at the end of your trial.

Can I opt out or cancel my free trial?

You may cancel your free trial any time before it ends.

What happens if I subscribe during my free trial?

You won’t be charged until your free trial ends, at which point your service will continue uninterrupted.

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