Autopilot and ecobee Haven

What is Autopilot for ecobee Haven?

The Autopilot feature for ecobee Haven controls when your home automatically arms or disarms based on the "presence" of all members of the home.​ 

Autopilot works on a per home basis. To use Autopilot in multiple homes you will be required to enable it in each Home. Autopilot is also unique to each product within a home. Every camera will have their own Autopilot that will act independently of each other and the home itself.


How do I enable Autopilot?



If you see an Autopilot icon on the bottom menu of the app:

  1. Tap the Autopilot icon from the bottom menu
  2. Tap Get Started
  3. Enable your phone's location if prompted and then tap Let's Get Started
  4. Confirm your Home's address if prompted and then tap Next
  5. Tap Enable Now if you wish to enable Wi-Fi Presence in order to improve Autopilot accuracy, or tap Skip for Now 
    (For more information on Wi-Fi presence and how it works with Autopilot, please click here)
  6. If you wish to invite additional Members to your ecobee Home for Autopilot usage, tap Send Invite. Otherwise, tap All Done
    (For more information on Owners and Members and their roles within your ecobee Home, please click here)

autopilotV2-1.png   autopilotV2-2.png   autopilotV2-3.png




If you do not see an Autopilot icon on the bottom menu of the app:

  1. Select Home Monitoring in the ecobee app
  2. Tap the gear icon in the top right to access the Settings menu
  3. Tap Autopilot
  4. Tap the Enable for monitoring toggle

autopilot1.png   autopilot2.png   autopilot3.png   autopilot4.png


Autopilot for Home Monitoring vs. Autopilot for the SmartCamera


  • Autopilot for Haven will set your home to Disarm when you are Home, and Arm Away when you are Away
  • Autopilot for SmartCamera switches your SmartCamera with voice control OFF when you are Home, and ON when you are Away

NOTE: All Autopilot features operate independently of one another. Turning one on or off does not impact any other devices with this feature.

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