My Location and Wi-Fi Presence

What is My Location?

My Location is a feature for Haven and SmartCamera with voice control users that gives the ecobee app the ability to determine when you or any other Members of your ecobee Home are home or away.

To help determine if you are currently home or not, the My Location feature uses two key factors:

  • Use phone location determines when your phone enters or exits a 100m geofence radius around your home
  • Wi-Fi presence determines when your phone connects to or disconnects from your home’s Wi-Fi network to improve accuracy of My Location

By accessing the My Location option in the app under Account and enabling Use phone location, your phone will notify the ecobee app when it enters or exits the 100m geofence radius around your home.

When Use phone location is enabled, the Improve Accuracy menu will appear on the My Location screen, allowing you to enable Wi-Fi presence to enhance the ecobee app’s ability to detect when you are home or away.


How do we use Wi-Fi presence to determine if you are Home or Away?

When your phone first connects to the Wi-Fi network, it will be marked as Home. 

When your phone disconnects from your Wi-Fi, we set a timer for a certain amount of time and if the phone does not reconnect to the Wi-Fi within that window, we can assume the user has left home and mark them as Away. 

The timer is to avoid marking you as Away when your phone temporarily disconnects from Wi-Fi, but you are still home.


How to set up My Location

From the ecobee app:

  1. Tap Account and then tap My Location
  2. Tap the Use Phone Location toggle

NOTE: Your phone’s Location services feature must be turned on and set to allow ecobee in order for My Location to function.

mylocation1.png   mylocation2.png   mylocation3.png


What is Wi-Fi presence?

With Wi-Fi presence enabled, the ecobee app will detect when your phone connects to or disconnects from your home Wi-Fi network as well as when your phone enters or leaves your home’s geofence radius. These two factors work together to automatically and accurately report when you are home or away.

Once you enable Use phone location in the My Location menu, you can improve the accuracy of My Location by enabling Wi-Fi presence, which associates the ecobee app with your home Wi-Fi network.


How to Set Up Wi-Fi Presence

Before proceeding, ensure your phone is connected to your home's Wi-Fi network.

From the ecobee app:

  1. Tap Account and then tap My Location
  2. Tap the Use Phone Location toggle
  3. Under the "Improve Accuracy" banner, tap Set up next to your Home
  4. If prompted to connect to your home's Wi-Fi network, ensure you are connected and then tap Yes, Enable Now
  5. Tap Enable Now on the "Enable Wi-Fi presence on your phone" screen

presence.png   presence2.png


Frequently Asked Questions


Is My Location available to all customers?

No, for now My Location is only available to Haven and SmartCamera customers.



Can My Location be used in tandem with Smart Home and Away on my ecobee thermostat?

Using My Location for Enhanced Smart Home and Away is only available to eco+ users. If you have subscribed to Haven or have installed your SmartCamera with voice control, and you have eco+, then you can use My Location. eco+ is being progressively rolled out to everyone in the field.


What is the difference between My Location and Geofence currently available in the Android app?

My Location is enhanced to work for all members in a household, providing they are a Member of that ecobee Home and have My Location enabled on their individual phones.

In comparison, the Geofence feature via the ecobee app does not take individual family Members or their phones into account, so anyone logged into the ecobee account with their phone will trigger the geofence action by entering or exiting the geofence coordinates.


Can I use the existing Geofence and My Location at the same time?

On Android: No. My Location provides a much better experience around the presence detection of family members when compared to the Geofence option on the Android app.

On iOS: We don’t recommend using My Location and HomeKit’s geo-fence feature at the same time to control your thermostat settings, as they may impact each other.


Can I keep My Location if I unsubscribe from Haven?

My Location is only available to Haven and SmartCamera customers. You need at least one of those products to have access to My Location feature.

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