Activity Feed and Monitoring & Motion Feeds

Once your subscription to Haven is active, you will have access to a new option in your home: Activity.

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Activity will give you access to two feeds: Monitoring and Motion. Each of these feeds will display its own log of Events.


Monitoring feed

The Monitoring feed will contain a record of the following:

  • Home Arrival/Home Departure Events
  • Incident Alerts
  • Door and Window sensor open/close events
  • Arm/Disarm history


Home Arrival/Home Departure events


When Members added to the ecobee Home arrive at the home or leave the home, the events will be displayed as Home Arrival or Home Departure events.

These events will appear on a member by member basis, with the family member's name displayed. Each member of the home will have their feed framed from their perspective. 

If you are viewing a Home Arrival or Home Departure event for yourself, the events will read "You arrived home" or "You left home"


Activity Alerts


When activity is detected when the Home is in an Armed or Armed Stay state, an Activity Alert will appear in the Monitoring feed. Activity Alerts will group up all the individual sensor activity into one event that the user will open and see a detailed summary of what happened.

You will receive a push notification on your phone when the Activity Alert is created.


When you open the Activity Alert on the app, there will be two options: Play Siren and Dismiss.


If Play Siren is selected a siren will play from all speaker enabled ecobee devices in the Home, including ecobee SmartCamera with voice control, ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control, ecobee4, and ecobee Switch+.

If Dismiss is selected, two more options will appear: Dismiss and Disarm and Disarm Only. 


Selecting Dismiss and Disarm will dismiss the Activity Alert and will set the Home to a Disarm arm state. Selecting Dismiss will dismiss the Activity Alert but will leave the home Armed.

Motion events will continue to be grouped up into the Activity Alert until either:​

  1. The home monitoring state switched to Disarmed
  2. There is a 10 minute period where there is no activity, which will "close" the Activity Alert

Once the Activity Alert is closed, the next motion event will open a new Activity Alert​. You can view the details of past Activity Alerts by tapping on them in the Monitoring feed.

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NOTE: Once an Incident is dismissed, you are no longer able to play the siren as part of the Incident.


Door and Window sensor open/close events


When any ecobee SmartSensor for doors and windows within the Home detect the door or window they are attached to opening or closing, they will display an event.


Arm/Disarm history


When the Home's arm state is changed, an event will be displayed in the Monitoring feed.


Motion Feed


All motion events not included in an Activity Alert event will appear under the Motion feed as Motion Events.


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