SmartCamera with Voice + HomeKit Secure Video


With SmartCamera with Voice running firmware or later, recordings can now be captured using HomeKit Secure Video. Recordings are stored securely using iCloud where they are end-to-end encrypted and can only be viewed by other members who are invited to your HomeKit Home.

For more information on HomeKit Secure Video, please click here

NOTE: HomeKit Secure Video requires a HomeKit Hub iOS device on iOS 13.2 or later and a supported iCloud storage plan for storing video clips


Using HomeKit Secure Video

  1. Connect your SmartCamera with Voice to HomeKit
  2. Tap the video feed in the Home app on your iOS device and then tap Settings

  • Tap Notifications to toggle notifications on or off, receive them when certain motion is detected, when no one is home, and more. 

  • Tap Streaming & Recording to choose what is recorded and change when to record clips. 

  • Activity Zones allow you to keep an eye on a certain area within view or to disregard expected activity like cars driving down a busy street. Enable this setting if you want your SmartCamera to only start recording when people are detected within your activity zone.

  • Enable Face Recognition to be notified when people you’ve tagged in the Apple Photos app come within view.



How long can I access recorded clips in the Home app?

Clips recorded using HomeKit Secure Video are stored for 10 days in iCloud.

How do I delete or save a recorded clip from my SmartCamera stored in iCloud?

In the Home app select your SmartCamera and view the desired clip in the timeline, then tap on the share button to delete or save individual clips.


How do I delete all recordings from my SmartCamera stored in iCloud?

In the home app, select your SmartCamera and tap on the gear icon to view your camera settings. Then navigate to: Recording Options > More options > Erase This Camera's Recordings. Selecting this option here won't affect any snapshots or recordings made using the ecobee app and ecobee Haven.


Will my Autopilot settings affect how HomeKit Secure Video works?

When your SmartCamera with Voice is connected to HomeKit, it will always be viewable in the Apple Home app even when auto on/off is enabled using Autopilot. 


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