Haven Smoke Alarm Alerts - Frequently Asked Questions

ecobee Haven now supports alerts for Smoke Alarm detection!


Frequently Asked Questions

What ecobee devices are compatible with Smoke Alarm alerts?

The following ecobee devices are compatible with Smoke Alarm alerts:

  • ecobee SmartCamera with voice control
  • ecobee Smart Thermostat with voice control (firmware version 4.6.33 and up)
  • ecobee4 (firmware version 4.6.33 and up)

What kind of smoke alarms does the feature detect?

The smoke alarm sound detection feature detects smoke alarms with the standard T3 alarm pattern. The pattern start with 3 beeps and is followed by a silence before repeating.


What is it listening for? Is it listening to my conversations?

If your device hears a loud beeping sound with the characteristics of a 3 tone smoke alarm, ecobee will send you an alert. ecobee will not record anything or send any sound stream to the cloud untill it detects the specific sound of the smoke alarm.


Is it processing the sound locally or on the cloud? Is it stored on the cloud?

ecobee thermostats and cameras use built-in microphones and on device sound processing to detect the sound of a smoke alarm. The sound clips that are recorded and sent to you in a Haven alert are stored on the cloud for 14 days and then automatically deleted.


Does it need Alexa to do this?

This feature does not go through Alexa and therefore Alexa does not need to be setup to have access to this feature. The sound clips that recorded are not shared with Alexa or Amazon in any way.



Setup Questions

How do I enable Smoke Alarm detection for my Home?

First, make sure you have the following:

  • A subscription to ecobee Haven
  • The latest version of the ecobee app (7.48 or higher)
  • A compatible ecobee device (ecobee Smart Camera with voice control, ecobee Smart Thermostat with voice control, ecobee4)
  • Your ecobee thermostat's firmware version is 4.6.33 or higher

Once you have verified you have the above, select your Home from the app and then do the following:

  1. Select the monitoring status bar from the Home view
  2. Tap the gear icon in the top right
  3. Select Smoke alarm alerts
  4. Toggle Enable smoke alerts to ON

smokedetection1.jpg   smokedetection2.jpg   smokedetection3.jpg   smokedetection4.jpg


How can I test that my ecobee device will detect my smoke alarm?

First, ensure you have enabled the smoke alarm detection feature in your app (please see steps above)

Once this is done:

  1. Go to the home page on the app and set your home into Arm Stay mode or Arm Away mode
  2. Locate your smoke detector and find the Test button
  3. Press on the test button to get the alarm to go off for 30 seconds

NOTE: Depending on your alarm, you may need to press the test button twice in a row to get 30 seconds of alarm

You should now have received an ecobee alert notifying you of the smoke alarm your device has heard. The alert comes with a sound recording of what your device has heard so that you can verify the alarm.



I did not get an alert after testing! Why not?

There’s a few possibilities for why you may not have received an alert:

  • Your alarm test button might not allow for a continuous 30 seconds of smoke alarm sound to be played. In this case, it won’t be possible for you to complete the coverage test

  • Your smoke alarm might not emit the standard 3 tone (T3) alarm pattern and therefore your ecobee device is not able to recognize the alarm as a smoke alarm

  • Your ecobee devices might not have heard your alarm due to the distance between your smoke alarm and your compatible device or the existence of loud background noise. Try testing the smoke alarm that is closest to your compatible sound detection ecobee device


The ecobee app says I have no compatible devices for smoke detection!

Please ensure:

  • Your ecobee Home has an ecobee4, ecobee Smart Thermostat with voice control, or ecobee SmartCamera with voice control in it
  • Your ecobee's firmware version is at least 4.6.33 by navigating to Main Menu > About




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