Rebates and incentives process

Where can I find rebates that are available to me?

When configuring eco+ on your ecobee thermostat, be sure to select your utility in order to access rebates that might be available to you.

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How can I leverage utility program incentives available through eco+?

Your utility may provide rebates or incentives for reducing your energy usage when demand is high. When you enable the Community Energy Savings feature through eco+, you will be able to access any utility incentives that you may qualify for.

In order to manage energy needs at periods of high demand, ecobee works with utility companies to more effectively match the electricity supply with demand through Community Energy Savings programs. This also helps support the use of cleaner, cheaper energy. When you enroll in a Community Energy Savings program, your utility provider will send energy events to your thermostat through eco+. This may adjust your temperature settings slightly for no more than a few hours.

These events exist to help your home and community use cleaner energy, while allowing you to earn rewards from your utility provider. To learn more, visit


How will I get my rebate?

Once your utility provider processes your enrollment, your rebate will be delivered to you through the mail or applied as a credit on your energy bill.

Depending on the utility, it may take 3-6 weeks for your rebate to arrive.


How can I access rebates available for purchasing a new thermostat?

In addition to rebates available through Community Energy Savings, oftentimes utilities will offer rebates for purchasing a smart thermostat.

When you are purchasing a new thermostat, feel free to visit and input your zip code to see if there are any rebates available in your region. Your utility will provide instructions around how to apply for eligible rebates wherever thermostats are sold (online or in-store). Typically, smart thermostat rebates can be claimed instantly online, or by mailing in proof of purchase.

In some cases, your utility may provide you with a rebate code during the process of purchasing your ecobee thermostat. After registering your thermostat, you can follow the instructions your utility provided and input the rebate code to claim your rebate.

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